it was supposed to rain all evening, but we were pretty lucky and got a little sun in small-town gadsden, al. we met on facebook and were texting all summer beforehand. adam got a little worried zach would ghost on him because zach just had finals at ua early college and wasn't texting so much. but they set a date and met at the movie theater at the gadsden mall.

they decided to watch the movie, bad teacher, which was raunchy and definitely weird to watch on a first date, now looking back. it ended up not being that great. zach remembers wanting adam to hold his hand during the ENTIRE movie. adam remembers being too nervous to hold his hand. 

bad teacher.jpg

not first date recommended

after the date, adam & zach went to one of adam's favorite japanese restaurants. they both had sushi and adam made zach try seaweed salad for the first time. he wasn't a big fan. after the meal was over, zach paid for dinner even though adam argues to this day that he paid for the meal. but zach remembers adam paid for the movie and not the dinner. adam thinks he paid for both. they will be arguing about this to their grave.

they headed over to noccalula falls but then it started a downpour. they raced back to the car and zach won the race, even though adam said he let zach win. this is their first photo together.